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Life Of Christ


A collection of writings about Jesus Christ from the pen of Pastor Charles T. Russell.

When Jesus invited his first disciples to become his followers, they were to experience an amazing change in lifestyle. They were to give up their lives as fishermen and tax colectors for lives of personal sacrifice. Sitting at the feet of the Master and learning directly from him must have been a wonderful experience. Studying his mannerisms and the way he dealt with people became a model tor the apostles as they grew to become leaders ot the early Christian church. It was important for them not only to hear the words of Jesus, but to also witness the way that he lived his consecration. Even the tone of his voice must have made an impact on the hearts and minds of these early brethren.

How can anyone today hope to have the life of Jesus affect them in the same way thatit affected those who lived with him? We can only read the words that describe the tender way he interacted with the sick and needy. But we mi8s the atmosphere and the specific circum- stances surrounding each event. Our information is second hand, at best. As a result, devotion and sacrifice for the Lord’s cause may scem more difficult for the modern Christian. But here we are at the end of the Gospel Age, rying to know and understand our Savior the best we can. We are deeply grateful that the lord has made special provisions for his aints. Our returned Lord has released a tlood ot truth from the pen ot that Wise and Faithtul Servant. Though we do not have first and knOwledge of Jesus, we are more than compensated with deeper insights into his redemptive work. This knowledge should invigorate us to the same sacrificial lifestyle as those carly Christians who served so faithfully.

As we attempt to understand the Divine Plan more thoroughly we come to the realization that no meaningtul knowledge of Ciod would be complete without a study of the lite of desus, Because of this, it would be wise for each ot us to become thoroughly tamiliar with every detail of his life. The apostle admonished the church to “Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be weary and faint in your minds (Hebrews 12:3). There 18 no nobler study, and practical guide to living, than such a consideration of our Lord. He taughtt us how to live, how to serve, and how to develop Giod-like qualities. It is our hope that this compilation of articles will be helpful to the New Creation, and to the entire Household of Faith, as together we “consider him.

On the following pages you will see a “Harmony of the Gospels,” outlining a chronological order to the four Gospel accounts. We present the accompanying articles in this same sequential order. As you examine the selected articles note that not all sceriptural passages have a companion article. However, we would encourage the brethren not to skip over these passages, but to utilize the Expanded Biblical Comments, or additional helpful resources. In addition, we have included a CD with this book. The CD contains an Adobe pdf file, as well as Microsoft Word files consisting of every article contained in this book. This can be helpful to those who prefer to use a laptop computer. Single articles can also be printed out in preparation for individual studies. Whichever way you choose to use the CD we hope that
it proves useful,

Your Brethren in Christ,

Book Republishing Committee-2007

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